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Join AWNA's nonprofit governance board.  Wikipedia's governance definition: Governance is the way the rules, norms, and actions are structured, sustained, regulated, and held accountable.

A pivotal role

  • Nonprofit governance has a dual focus: achieving the association’s mission and the ensuring the association is viable.
  • The board plays a pivotal role in helping committees achieve the organizational goals and objectives.
  • Being a board member can be one of the most rewarding experiences. Participating can change your life as you change your community for the better.

Board member responsibilities

  • Keeping your association on the right side of all legal requirements and financially healthy. This includes the areas of financial reporting and accountability, legal and charitable registration requirements and fulfillment, risk management, and accountability to clients, founders, the community and to donors.
  • Define your association’s future by ensuring that you have a strategic vision and plan that is relevant and responsive to your community’s needs as well as being achievable.
  • To be the link between your association and the community. You represent the community on the Board and you represent the association in the community. You also bring your connections, your expertise and your resources. 
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Eligibility of Board Members

  • In order to be eligible for nomination and election to the Board of Directors, an individual must be 18 years of age or older and be a publisher, editor or hold another responsible executive position of a community newspaper that is a regular member in good standing of the Alberta Weekly Newspapers Association.

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Become a Board Member

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