Community Newspapers Deliver Results

Our Members' Weekly Newspapers reach over 860,000+ households and continue to grow in readership. Our 120+ members write and publish their community newspaper from the community in which they live, so loyalties are strong. 

Community newspapers enjoy a special relationship with the people they serve.  Even today with so much information available in so many forms, community newspapers remain THE trusted source for what really matters in the lives of community residents.  Your message can be part of the local conversation.

"The Department of National Defence was having difficulty recruiting specialised skills through online advertising. In order to broaden our search we turned to community newspaper advertising. The Community Newspaper Associations are organised so you can place ads by region or across the country. Once you determine what you wish to advertise and the area you want to canvass, they do all of the rest. In our case job placements are advertised nationally, with a distribution of more than 600 local papers we were able to reach a much more diverse group of individuals and successfully received applications from all regions. This provided us with a greater selection of qualified people with one simple process.
I highly recommend this option to managers who wish to expand their human resource tool kit with minimal effort and high return."
Doug Kimmett
Auxiliary Fleet Manager |
National Defence | Government of Canada |



Types of ads you can place

Text ad in the classified section
  • select from a range of specific classified categories
  • cost is by the word and your ad will appear in all Alberta member newspapers
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Business card-sized Value Ad
  • a black and white business card-sized ad
  • can be text only or including artwork and pictures
  • appears in all Alberta member newspapers 
  • an unbeatable price with the benefits of a display advertisement but at the low cost of a classified ad. 
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Display Ad with text and images
  • use artwork and design to attract readers to your message - then call them to action.  Display ads can be any size from business card to full page and may include colour.
  • with display ads you can also chose to cover the whole Alberta province and the North West Territories or select those communities that are geographically or demographically most likely to respond.
  • pricing varies depending on size, use of colour, number of newspapers, or sometimes a current promotion.
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Career Display Ad with text and images
  • these are display ads with a special purpose - to help you recruit employees. 
  • career ads can be targeted for markets in the geographic area you require or in those communities that contain the specific type of employees you seek to recruit.
  • pricing varies depending on size, number of newspapers, or sometimes a current promotion
  • top up your print order by running your ad online as well at
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Single or multiple page Free Standing Insert Ad (FSI)
  • a single or multiple page insert that is delivered with the newspaper rather than printed in the newspaper pages.
  • these are pre-printed advertising or informational pieces that you wish to distribute.
  • using AWNA member newspapers to distribute gives your FSI its best chance of reaching your audience because they arrive inside the community newspaper which is expected and welcomed into the home at a much higher degree than junk mail.
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