2015 Leadership Award - Tim Shearlaw

Presented June 2015 by Fred Gorman

It is my honour to present this year’s recipient of the George Meyer Leadership Award.

When an individual at a newspaper identifies a community need or is asked to help solve and problem. And when that individual has the ability to harness business support, not just in money, but in the time required to get the work done. And when that individual uses the resources of the paper to pull the community together and to share in the vision…wonderful things can happen.


You have a habitat house

You have an annual Summer Children’s Carnival

You have the tallest Christmas Tree in Alberta

You have an annual vintage car and motorcycle show

You have a citizens parole

You have a community breakfast where over 1,000 people attend out of a town of 3,500

You have a downtown decorated with flower baskets and shaker flags

You have a recreational swimming pool

You have a bowling alley

You have an adult learning society

You have a not for profit daycare society

You have a functioning Chamber of Commerce

Three Hills Alberta has these things and it is due to a very large part because of Tim Shearlaw, owner of the Three Hills Capital News


Tim’s efforts, vision and leadership is an inspiring example how a weekly newspaper can truly connect with its community.

I present to you, Tim Shearlaw, the 2015 George Myer Leadership recipient.

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