Bill Draayer Award 2004

Given in recognition of outstanding personal contributions to the progress and development of the Alberta Weekly Newspapers Association.



Cal Dallas has been involved in the print communication business for the past 25 years. Assuming the role of publisher of the Red Deer Express, Central Alberta Adviser and the Ponoka Herald in 1995, "I took a career detour," he said. "Challenging, rewarding, and at times exhilarating, I love this industry, but wouldn't be here today without the support of my family, my co-workers Duff and Paul, and good friends from AWNA."

In addition to his publishing duties, Cal has been a community leader of the highest order. Over the past ten years his volunteer service includes: President, Innisfail Golf Association; Director, United Way of Central Alberta; Director, Committee Western Exposition; Member, DTHR Foundation Cattle-Roundup Committee; Director, Red Deer Chamber of Commerce; President Red Deer Chamber of Commerce (2001-2002); Member of STARS Central Alberta Capital Campaign; Director of Alberta Weekly Newspapers Association; and 1st Vice President of the Alberta Chambers of Commerce (2004-2005).


In 2002 Cal was recognized by the Canadian Chamber of Commerce as Volunteer of the Year and in 2003 he was the recipient of the Queen's Jubilee Medal.

To use Cal's own words, "As far as AWNA highlights, I can honestly say I have enjoyed all aspects of my involvement. Recently Combase, AdWest, Market Analyzer and the AWSOM Archive have kept our creative marketing juices flowing, while I've enjoyed a little number crunching with our newly-formed Audit committee. I believe that in AWNA we have the best newspaper association in the country, perhaps in the world. To serve the association is a privilege, and I am grateful for the opportunity."

A fellow publisher says, "I can tell you that Cal has many good qualities as a person: dedication, loyalty, solid work ethic, honesty, fairness, generosity and kindness; all things we wish for in ourselves and hope for in our friends. Put another way, he can whip you soundly in a game of golf and you still enjoy every hole you play with him. In other words, this award couldn't happen to a nicer guy."

Another publisher says, "Cal Dallas has worked for years on the advertising committee of the AWNA. His inspiration, drive and commitment to that committee has been relentless, and much of the success in the past several years, with huge increases in advertising sales, are a result of his hard committee work. Cal was also a leader in the formation of our new Adwest initiative, with sister organizations in Saskatchewan and Manitoba. On the board of directors of AWNA, Cal has been at all times aware of his responsibility to the membership. He speaks his mind clearly and effectively at the board table, all the while maintaining positive collegial relationships with board and staff members. Cal Dallas is a leader among leaders, he is listened to, argued with, respected and enjoyed by his peers."

Cal Dallas is exactly the kind of person Bill Draayer had in mind when he lent his name to this prestigious award.

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