Bill Draayer Award 1999

Given in recognition of outstanding personal contributions to the progress and development of the Alberta Weekly Newspapers Association.

Coleen Campbell

Respect among peers is never granted but always earned – and it is earned most often by those who do not consciously seek it. Coleen Campbell's selfless efforts on behalf of the Alberta Weekly Newspapers Association has earned her that respect.

Coleen's involvement in AWNA began when she attended her first convention in 1985. Her commitment to AWNA has been continuous since 1988 when she was first elected to the Board.

Since then she has chaired the Workshops Committee, the Convention Committee, the Better Newspapers Competition Committee, and the Bing Crosby Golf Tournament, and served as Corporate Secretary for several years. In 1993-94 Coleen served AWNA as President.

Immediately following her tenure as President, Coleen continued her commitment as a representative on the Canadian Community Newspapers Association Board of Directors. Coleen is currently chairing the CCNA Better Newspapers Competition Committee and has served on the Convention Format Committee. One of her more significant accomplishments was chairing the 1999 CCNA Calgary Convention.

Someone you can always count on! History has shown, whatever project or position Coleen takes on, it will be done exceptionally well. Her extraordinary willingness to help others in her profession and in her own community will be a legacy, not quickly forgotten.

For all your accomplishments and for all the time you have committed to AWNA and our great profession, we salute you! Thank you, Coleen.

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