Bill Draayer Award 1993

Given in recognition of outstanding personal contributions to the progress and development of the Alberta Weekly Newspapers Association.

Byron Keebaugh

In his 11 years on the AWNA board, Byron Keebaugh was never accused of sitting on the fence. He is not afraid to voice his opinion on any issue.  His straight-shooting style as an AWNA member and association leader forced us to thoroughly examine the issues, defend our positions and carry through on our promises. Like all strong leaders, Byron left the troops with no questions asked about his direction.

Byron played a major role as AWNA assumed the lead in national and regional marketing to advertisers. As president, he chaired the first selection committee charged with the responsibility of hiring our first marketing person and during his term was the first AWNA president to attend all market area meetings. He had a vision of a strong regional association. His dedication, hard work and honest approach convinced members to help make that vision today's reality.

Byron Keebaugh is a builder; one of those people who believes action speaks louder than words. With that philosophy, he has become a leading member of the business community in Lloydminster. His publishing and printing business ranks with the best in the province. Operating near the leading edge of our industry, he is a pioneer of web offset printing, alternate distribution, twice-weekly publishing, employee ownership and electronic publishing.

His ability to turn a good idea into reality was a major force during the 1980s as AWNA emerged as an innovator among Canadian associations. For this leadership, AWNA will always remain indebted.

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