Bill Draayer Award 1991

Given in recognition of outstanding personal contributions to the progress and development of the Alberta Weekly Newspapers Association.


Peter Schierbeck

Peter Schierbeck has been a treasure of the Alberta Weekly Newspapers Association for the past ten years. Although he has never sought recognition, he has served faithfully in many ways as a director and was chosen president in 1984. When there was a job to be done he was always available, even when the job itself took him into the background of Association activities.

For two years he headed the Membership Committee and in 1983 was probably the only member to simultaneously chair three committees:  Membership, Workshops and Bing Crosby Golf Tournament. He served a three-year term as AWNA press representative with the Alberta Press Council and also served as the AWNA representative on the Board of Directors for CCNA. He has proven himself invaluable in maintaining the high standard of our Junior Citizenship Award program as chairman of the Judging Committee for the past four years. During his term as president a computer system was set up to handle the one order-one bill advertising service and the Calgary telephone number was established.

In 1984 under Peter Schierbeck, the AWNA returned to a profitable financial situation with increased revenues from blanket ads and display advertising and decreased overhead expenditures.

Peter Schierbeck is a man of decision. In whatever position he has served, he gets the job done promptly and expertly.

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