Bill Draayer Award 1988

Given in recognition of outstanding personal contributions to the progress and development of the Alberta Weekly Newspapers Association.

Terry Carroll

In recognition of his leadership potential, Terry Carroll was invited in 1980 to become a member of the AWNA Advertising Committee. He soon demonstrated a keen interest in the promotion and development of the Association.

Terry contributed a great deal of valuable time and thought during the formative years of the marketing and research arm of AWNA. He was elected to the directorate of AWNA in 1982 and accepted the chairmanship of the Advertising Committee for 1981–82. It was during his term as chair that the Association's province-wide Readership Survey was completed – a promotion that gained wide recognition among advertising agencies as well as commendation and official approval of the Canadian Advertising Research Foundation. That project owed a great deal to Terry's enthusiastic contribution of suggestions and helpful criticism.

The Workshop/Seminar felt the strength of his leadership in 1986 and 1987 when he established well-balanced programs that served the educational needs of weekly newspaper staffs in all departments. He also acted as Corporate Secretary of the board of directors for two years.

New ownership meant his transfer from publisher of the Sherwood Park News in 1987 to publisher of the Camrose Canadian with responsibility for supervising several other newspapers in the area. The move made it necessary for Terry to give up his AWNA activities that same year but his enthusiasm for AWNA affairs has never faded.

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