Bill Draayer Award 1985

Given in recognition of outstanding personal contributions to the progress and development of the Alberta Weekly Newspapers Association.

George Meyer

Through his active interest and loyal support of the Alberta Weekly Newspapers Association, George Meyer has made a lasting contribution, not only to the progress of weekly newspapers, but to the public appreciation of the importance of the role they play in the affairs of the communities they serve.

For more than 20 years he used his considerable talents and gave much of his valuable time as a leader and officer of AWNA. He also served several terms as a director of the Canadian Community Newspapers Association. His years of service to AWNA include three as secretary and the presidency in 1965-66.

George Meyer was instrumental in establishing a central office for AWNA. In 1976, to prove the value of that now historic move in the management of Association affairs, he volunteered office space at the Taber Times and took time from his own business interests to manage the office.

He was quick to recognize the potential benefits of the Blanket Classified program that originated in Manitoba and which has proven to be a major financial base for all Canadian weekly newspaper associations. His personal enthusiasm and promotion resulted in the program being established in Alberta.

In the early years of the AWNA golf tournament, George sought support from the late Bing Crosby which resulted in provision of the championship trophy by Mr. Crosby.

Since retirement as publisher of the Taber Times, George Meyer has continued to serve AWNA as the representative of weekly newspapers with the Alberta Press Council which he now serves as vice-chairman.

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