Membership Criteria


When you have a story to tell...  community newspapers are the place to be!

Not All Community Newspapers Are Created Equal

The Alberta Weekly Newspapers Association sets and follows through with a high set of standards for membership.
  • The AWNA logo only appears in the masthead of those newspapers that adhere to the stringent levels of publishing standards and journalistic integrity.
  • Community newspapers are the talk of the town because they cover the news not readily available elsewhere — stories that matter the most to rural readers.
  • In addition, community newspapers are prepared in a professional and consistent manner. In fact, to achieve this physical quality on a weekly basis, community newspapers employ highly skilled people trained on the latest computer-assisted design and layout programs. Printed at modern presses, each are vibrant and attractive products eagerly awaited for their local relevancy and content.

AWNA Membership Criteria

The Publication:
  1. has a news-oriented front page, and advertising should not exceed 20% of total linage.

  2. has an editorial page or forum for readers or opinions.

  3. contains news of general interest and news and information concerning current happenings and passing events of a political, social, religious, commercial, financial or legal nature.

  4. contains local news of the area served by the publication as a major portion of its news content.

  5. serves a specific geographical area.

  6. has an office open to the public.

  7. has a dateline on each page that includes the name of the community served by the publication.

  8. publishes less frequently than a daily.

  9. has on average, not more than seventy percent (70 %) advertising exclusive of any pre-printed supplement.

  10. is carried on in accordance with the highest ideas, ethics and traditions of the newspaper profession.
  11. must provide an audited/verified circulation report to becoming a member. More information is available at AWNA on audit programs.
  12. must be in business for a period of one year before applying and then undergo a one year period of review before being eligible to become a member.

Interested in becoming a member

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