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The C.A. MacLean Foundation is sponsoring ten-week internships.  The internship program will allow students to learn first-hand the importance of community journalism, working alongside the editors, reporters and photographers of the community newspapers in Alberta or Northwest Territories.  All AWNA member newspapers are eligible to apply to participate in the internship program, with newspapers being chosen by lottery to host an intern.  Applications received from the students will be reviewed and distributed to those newspapers, who will then interview each student and make their selection.

Guidelines and expectations:

  • This is a 10-week program. 
    • The actual starting date will be determined by the participating newspaper.
  • Community Newspapers do not work on a nine-to-five workday; students should anticipate working some evenings and weekends during the internship.
  • The student(s) will document their time as interns with the community newspaper as a side project blog. 
  • The newspaper will provide their student intern with information regarding:  
    • Duties during internship  
    • Salary information 
    • Accommodation information 
    • General expectations of the intern

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This internship is open to all qualified applicants and is not limited to returning students or university students*

Students interested in applying for this program?

For the 2019 year, application deadline is January 31, 2019

Completed form and all information requested

Fill out our 
form online here

or Print out the PDF application form 

and return by mail to: 

C.A. MacLean Internship Program
Alberta Weekly Newspapers Association

3228 Parsons Road Edmonton, AB  T6N 1M2

This program has been funded in part by the Canada Periodical Fund through the Department of Canadian Heritage.
 We acknowledge the financial support of the Government of Canada through the Canada Periodical Fund of the Department of Canadian Heritage.

AWNA Member Newspapers interested in hiring an intern through the program? 

Fill in an online application form here.  Or download a PDF form here.    More questions? Publisher's brochure here

Newspapers chosen by lottery to participate in the internship program will select their own intern(s) from candidate application profiles supplied to them by the Alberta Weekly Newspapers Association in conjunction with the C.A. MacLean Foundation committee.  A candidate must be identified before funds will be approved for the summer program.

Participating newspapers must agree to pay the intern $20 per hour (based on a 35 hour work week) for a 10-week period, which will be split 50/50 with program funding.  Newspapers are also required to pay all appropriate employment and payroll taxes.  Newspapers must also agree to reimburse interns for all business travel or other related expenses


About Fred Row

Fred was born in 1938 to good hard working dairy farmers in Oxford County about 40 miles north of Lake Erie.  His education started in a one room, one teacher, red brick house in eighth-grade and progressed through Woodstock Collegiate Institute.  He graduated with a degree in mechanical engineering from the University of Toronto in 1960.

His professional career started in Grand Falls, Newfoundland as a project engineer in a newsprint mill.  This was followed by  Ontario and Australia and British Columbia.  In 1989 Ron Stern called and this led to his enormous contribution in an effort to build Alberta Newsprint from ground level.  Before long, Alberta Newsprint became the premier newsprint supplier in North America, in many thanks to Fred’s dedication and hard work.  Like many of the individuals who were there at the beginning, it was a privilege to be a part of the Alberta Newsprint family and this was notably the most rewarding experience of his career.

After seven years, Fred felt it was time for the organization to move past the start-up phase and after enduring Whitecourt winters, it was appropriate to move to the Philippines for six months.   Fred returned in 1997 and was periodically involved in Ron’s operating mills in Ontario, Oregon and Texas until he retired.

About C.A. Maclean

Charles William Alexander MacLean started helping his grandmother, Mrs. A. A. Moore, publish the Strathmore Standard in 1937.  His only break from newspaper production was during the Second World War, when he served in Canada and overseas with the Royal Canadian Artillery.

He purchased the Standard upon his return, and continued to publish that until 1951.  He sold the Standard to his brother Hector MacLean, and moved to Camrose. When Chuck moved to the Camrose Canadian, he was in partnership with Rae King and Ken Patridge. They acquired the Tofield Mercury in 1961 and the Wetaskiwin Times in 1965

Chuck had always been dedicated to the newspaper association, and served as AWNA president in 1950 - 1951, and CCNA president in 1976 - 1977.  He was awarded his CCNA Gold Quill in 1977, and received his AWNA Life Membership in 1987.  He was an active Rotarian for over 30 years, a keen Mason and served on his church board in all of the offices
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